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Linear Accelerator (LINAC) – healthcare applications

A linear accelerator (LINAC) customizes high energy x-rays or electrons to conform to a tumor’s shape and destroy cancer cells while sparing surrounding normal tissue. It features several built-in safety measures to ensure that it will not deliver a higher dose than prescribed and is routinely checked by a medical physicist to ensure it is…

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LED Lighting - Is it Time to Make the Switch?

In keeping up-to-date with the latest in the industry, Gage Consulting Engineers has researched the positive and negative aspects of switching to LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting.  Open the article below to review our findings. LED Lighting - Is it Time to Make the Switch?…

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Replace Fans, Save Energy, Create Redundancy!

How do you replace two 100 horsepower vane axial fans, supplying conditioned air, 24/7 to 120 patient rooms without interrupting vital air flow? Follow the link below and download the PDF for the answer and full story >> Replace Fans, Save Energy, Create Redundancy (PDF)…

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