Edward Hospital & Health Services  |||  Naperville, IL

Gage Consulting Engineers have worked with Edward Hospital & Health Services for 10+ years, completing over 90 projects at various facilities. Some of these projects include the following ...
New construction, renovations, tenant improvement & build-outs:
• Various outpatient facilities
• Renovation of Operating Rooms
• OB & NICU Renovations
• PICU Renovations
• Pharmacy facilities

Upgrades and replacement of various facility equipment:
• Replacement of (2) 750hp steam boilers
• Conversion of chilled water distribution to primary &
secondary piping with variable speed pumping
• Replacement of (12) air-handling units
• Replacement of (6) dehumidification units
• Relocation & replacement of the 1960's, 70's, and 80's switchgear equipment