North Central College / Ward Hall  |||  Naperville, IL

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Ward Residence Hall, North Central College | Naperville, IL
New Addition (to former Fort Hill Dormitory)

Gage design services: Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Equip.
Reference: Dr. Rada Doytcheva, LEED AP | Design Principal - Rada Architects

Background | Project Description
This project included a new 32,000 square foot addition to the existing Fort Hill Dormitory on the Naperville campus. A 2-story passage link between the buildings was also included. The 4-story addition consisted of 72 bedrooms in a suite configuration, housing 2 to 5 bedrooms per suite. Each room offered air conditioning and a variety of modern conveniences. Each floor contained a lounge area - while large multi-purpose gathering areas, kitchens and laundry facilities were designed to serve the whole building.

Challenges & Solutions | Design Engineering
A primary challenge of this project was to complete the design of the new addition as a complement to the existing residence hall, with consideration of the budget limitations. Engineering included complete MEP design, a new generator, and a new fire pump for the facility.