Bethesda Lutheran Hms - L/T Care  |||  Watertown, WI

Bethesda Lutheran Homes is a long term care facility for severely disabled adults. The project began in 2000 with a Master Plan Study of the twelve structures that comprised the facility. Included in the study was a listing of all major mechanical and electrical components, their capabilities, conditions, and life expectancy and replacement costs.

From the Facility Master Plan, design/construction projects followed to add living and program spaces, demolish two dysfunctional buildings and to replace a large portion of the existing utility tunnels.

The Master Plan project was completed in 2006 with the replacement of the facility chillers, cooling towers, chilled water pumps, boilers and controls.
The challenge for Bethesda was keeping the facility open during all phases of remodeling. The projects were designed with construction phasing as a prime consideration to allow for additions to occupied buildings. Prior to demolition, it was discovered that the floor of the Golisch Training Center was also the roof of a large section of the piping utility tunnel. The remedy was to find a new tunnel routing and reconnect steam and chilled water services to the remaining buildings.