Provena / Madison Medical Plaza  |||  Prov. St. Joseph - Joliet, IL

The Madison Medical Plaza is a three story facility on the campus of the Provena St. Joseph Medical Center. The project was completed in phases. The first phase was the construction of the base building with all of the major services included for future tenant occupancy. Included in the core work were an emergency generator, building automation system, an air handling system with humidification and final filters.
The second phase was the construction of the Surgical Center. The Surgical Center contains three operating rooms, two endoscopy rooms, central sterile, recovery bays and exam spaces. As a part of the Surgical Center work medical gas manifolds, a vacuum pump, a reverse osmosis water system and a pressure booster system for the sterilizing system were installed.
The third phase of the project was the completion of the tenant spaces. That work is ongoing, but to date the following tenants have been added to the building: a wound care clinic, with a hyperbaric chamber, a pharmacy, a pain center, a plastic surgeon and a cardiovascular clinic.